London Britannia Airport

Heathrow Airport could one day, be no more!

According to Testrad (Thames Estuary Research Development).  Today they unveiled their vision for the future of London air travel.

They have put forwards for a state of the art new airport based in the Thames Estuary which will cost an estimated £47.3 billion pounds to build.

The proposed new London Britannia Airport  (aka Boris Island) would operate aircraft flights around the clock 24/7; with planes taking off and landing on six proposed runways.

Each year a 172 million passengers would be expected to arrive at the new London Britannia airport by high speed rail links at King’s cross.

Private cars and vehicles  wouldn’t able to park on the proposed estuary site. Instead,  Ebbsfleet International railway station would become the passenger check and arrivals terminal. The current A249 min road would be improved and connected to the M2 motorway.

So how does Testrad propose to help pay for such a new and dynamic air transport hub in the Thames estuary? The consortium has mooted the possibility of closing the existing Heathrow Airport and developing the current terminals and runways into housing stock and thereby providing new much needed housing and employment opportunities for West London.

There would be a new London borough, called the London Borough of Heathrow which would provide at least 300,00 new homes and 200,00 new jobs. The money generated from the sale of the land and property would help pay for the development of the new state of the art futuristic airport. Off course, at the moment this is just “pie in the sky” as there will be, no doubt, many objections and hurdles to overcome before this Testrad’s dream becomes a reality !