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Parking at Heathrow

Cheap Heathrow parking from only £6.74 per day or £53.95 per week. (Our from prices explained)

There's lots to know about parking at Heathrow. As one of the biggest airports in the world it has lots of parking spaces and options. Jump to each section if you know what you're looking for.

  1. Long Stay Parking
  2. Short Stay Parking
  3. Meet & Greet
  4. Valet Parking
  5. Business Parking
  6. Heathrow Hotels with Parking
  7. Getting to Heathrow Airport

Long Stay Parking

Long stay parking at Heathrow is aimed at leisure travellers going on holiday for 7 days or more. The car parks can be either on airport or off airport. The cheaper the car park generally the longer the bus ride to the Terminal.

On Airport Parking at Heathrow

The on airport long stay car parks are most suitable for travellers who are away for more than a few days. There are three long stay car parks at Heathrow.

The long stay car park for Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are situated on the Eastern Perimeter Road. There is a free coach shuttle connecting Terminals 1, 2 and 3, with the transfer journey taking between approximately 7-15 minutes.

Terminal 4 long stay car park is on the Southern Perimeter Road and the

Terminal 5 long stay parking is situated on the Northern perimeter road. There is a free coach shuttle connecting Terminals 4 and 5, with the transfer journey taking between approximately 10 minutes. Please note that Terminal 4’s forecourt has a 2.6 metre height restriction.

Off Airport Parking at Heathrow

Cheaper still are the off airport car parks at Heathrow. We work closely with NCP Flightpath which is ideal for passengers travelling from terminals 2 and 3.

NCP Flightpath at Heathrow

The barriers at NCP Flightpath have automatic number plate recognition making it a simple, quick and easy process to enter the car park.

You have the comfort of keeping your keys, then jump on a bus and be at terminals in 12 minutes.

Short Stay Parking

Short stay parking is always closer to the Terminals with a short bus ride or even within walking distance. Consequently, the rates are higher as a result of the proximity to Terminals and most people using these car parks for only a few hours or a few days.

However, there are also short stay car parks near the terminals for visitors who might just need to stay at the airport for a few hours in order to drop off, or collect passengers, or attend conferences, or meetings at Heathrow.

The short stay car park is a better alternative as help points are available near the designated parking spaces and assistance is free for people with special needs and mobility issues.

There is a green telephone point which enables passengers to request assistance with wheelchairs and luggage. It is advisable to let the car park operator know in advance of any disabled parking assistance needs and to build in extra travelling time to ensure a calm and smooth start to a visit or holiday.

The Short Stay car parks are all clearly signposted from the terminal approach roads. If you use Sat Nav, below are the postcodes to use:

  • Terminal 2:  Postcode TW6 1EW
  • Terminal 3:  Postcode TW6 1QG
  • Terminal 4:  Postcode TW6 3XA
  • Terminal 5:  Postcode TW6 2GA.

Short Stay Parking – Height restrictions

All the Short Stay Car Parks have a height limit. These are as follows:

  • Terminal 2 (Short Stay Car Park 2): 2.05m (6ft 9in)
  • Terminal 3 (Short Stay Car Park 3): 2.2m (7ft 2in)
  • Terminal 4 (Short Stay Car Park 4): Height limit: 2.0m (6ft 6in)
  • Terminal 5 (Short Stay Car Park 5): 2.2m (7ft 2in)

Short Stay Parking Prices – Terminals 2, 3 & 5

Standard Tariff

Up to 30 minutes£3.50
30 minutes – 1 hour£6.50
1 hour – 2 hours£10.50
2 – 3 hours£13.00
3 – 4 hours£17.00
4 – 5 hours£21.00
5 – 6 hours£26.00
6 – 9 hours£38.00
9 – 12 hours£49.00
12 – 24 hours£56.00
Each additional 24-hour period£56.00

Short Stay Parking Prices – Terminal 4

The following peak tariffs apply (standard tariff applies outside these times).

06:00 to 08:0018:30 to 20:30
Up to 30min£4.00£4.50
30min – 1hr£7.00£7.50
1hr – 2hr£11.00£12.00
2hr or moreStandard tariffStandard tariff

Heathrow Meet & Greet and Valet Parking

Luxury Heathrow Airport parking! Simply drive up to the Terminal and drop your car off with the Meet & Greet Valet chauffeur.

Its difficult to go back to Long or Short stay parking after experiencing a Meet & Greet Valet parking. Its so convenient to drive up to the Terminal, hand your keys to the uniformed chauffeur and stroll up to check-in.

Your car is then taken to a secure car park usually off airport but in some cases it will go in the multi storey car park at the airport.

Meet & Greet at Heathrow Airport

Meet & greet parking is gaining popularity as it’s a great way to start off a journey. By using the meet & greet parking service passengers can just drive to a designated meet & greet drop off point, meet the valet representative who will take your car to the car park which is well lit with cctv cameras and regular security patrols.  

This leaves passengers free to go straight to check in and start their journey. On their return,  a passengers’ car is ready for collection from the meet & greet car park area. Furthermore, for a little bit extra the valet team will also clean and polish your car whilst staying in the car park. Passengers with mobility issues are able to park using the blue/orange badge parking schemes in the short stay, business and long stay car parks.  

However, it is important to note that the blue/orange parking badges are not allowed for parking on any of the road systems in and around the airport for security reasons.

If a car is parked on these roads it will be towed away and the driver will be fined. Drive your own car straight to the airport and drop it off quickly with our Heathrow Meet & Greet service.  

It’s a service you must pre-book, but it’s perfect for those who want the convenience of valet parking – but at an even more affordable rate.  It’s great for those on a tight schedule, or if you’re travelling with children or lots of baggage.

Simply drive to the dedicated area in our Short Stay car park.  Our staff will meet you and park your car – while you check in for your flight. The Heathrow Meet & Greet area is open from 05:00 to 22:30 for final collection.

Heathrow Valet Parking

Our Heathrow Valet Parking service lets you drive your own car to the airport with the minimum of fuss.  If you are on a tight business or leisure schedule, have lots of luggage or are travelling with children, it’s often just the ticket.  And not only is it easier; it often works out less expensive compared to the cost of getting a taxi in both directions.

With Heathrow Valet Parking you can drive right up to the drop-off points you’ll find on each terminal forecourt.  Our staff will meet you and, as you head off to catch your flight, we’ll park your car carefully in a Heathrow official car park for the duration of your trip.  On your return your call will be waiting for you in the Valet pick-up area.

Want your car back looking even better than when you dropped it off?  Add our Car Care service for a professional hand car wash and interior vacuum. Get a Quick Quote now to book Heathrow Valet Parking, or simply turn up on the day.  And if you are arriving back at a different terminal, you can arrange in advance to collect your car where you touch down.

Heathrow Business Parking

For people in a hurry. Not just business travellers. Anyone can take advantage of these business car parks which are the closest to the Terminals.

The business car parking facilities have been tailored to meet the busy business traveller’s needs. The car park is ideally situated for travellers wishing to park just for a few days.

The car parks are purposely closer to the terminal buildings, so have a shorter transfer time to the terminal buildings and usually take just three minutes. 

The business car park is also a suitable option for leisure travellers who just need to park their car for a couple of days. Save money on these daily drive-up prices by pre-booking using our free search engine.


Very similar to Short stay parking but just that bit closer especially at Heathrow and other busy airports.  With an excellent reputation for a swift and professional service these car parks offer secured premises with CCTV, fencing and regular security patrols. Also, on site help vehicles provide free battery re-charges.

Business Parking – Terminals 2 & 3

Any travellers departing from Terminals 2 & 3 can park in the Business Car Park at Heathrow. It offers a convenient parking service with a quick transfer service. 

The transfer coach runs every 5 minutes and takes just 8 minutes. Security measures include 24-hour car park attendants, frequent patrols and security fencing. Business Parking at Terminals 2 &3 holds the Secured Car Park Award.

Located on the Northern Perimeter Road, the business car park is easily accessible and well signposted on all major routes into the airport. If you are parking in the Business Car Park and using Sat Nav the postcode is TW6 2RL.

Business Parking – Terminal 4

Business Parking Terminal 4 is located near to Terminal 4 and serves this terminal only. It is suitable for all travellers and offers an efficient, quick and secure parking service. Coaches to the terminal depart on demand and take about three minutes. 

Security measures include 24-hour car park attendants, frequent patrols and security fencing. Situated just off the Southern Perimeter Road, Business Parking Terminal 4 is signposted on all major routes into the airport. If you are using a Sat Nav, the postcode to enter is TW6 3XL. The daily drive-up prices are the same as for Terminals 2 & 3.

Business Parking – Terminal 5

Business Parking Terminal 5 is located near to Terminal 5 and serves this terminal only. It is suitable for all Terminal 5 travellers and offers an efficient, quick and secure parking service. 

Transfers to Terminal 5 depart every 5 minutes and take about 5 minutes. Security measures include 24-hour car park attendants, frequent patrols and security fencing. Situated off the Northern Perimeter Road, Business Parking Terminal 5 is signposted on all major routes into the airport.

The business car park at terminal 5 has a “state of the art” driverless pod to transport travellers from the car park to the airport. There are over 20 pods in use that take up to four passengers at a time. The Pod travels at 40 kilometres per hour and has a journey time of 6 minutes.

The pods operate 24 hours a day and its best to just hop in one and go rather than wait for the pod to fill up with other passengers. There are simple push buttons to start the pod on its journey.

Heathrow Hotels with Parking

An alternative to cheap Heathrow parking is to book into one of our specially selected hotels at Heathrow with parking that offer some great deals, not much more costly than car parking. Importantly, these are especially useful when travelling on an early or late flight. Most hotels have gyms, restaurants and internet connections, which make life easier for travellers.

Getting to Heathrow Airport

If you are travelling to the airport by public transport and do not need to check into a hotel, then there a number of ways in which you can travel directly to the terminals.

Taking a mere 15 minutes, the Heathrow Express is the fastest way to travel to Heathrow from central London. Non-stop trains run from Paddington every 15 minutes. Also, Heathrow Connect trains also run from Paddington to Heathrow and take about thirty minutes in total after stopping at several stations in West London.

Alternatively, the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground (the Tube) also runs to all terminals, and is usually the least expensive mode of travel.

National Express Coaches run from London’s Victoria coach station, although journey times can take up to eighty minutes.

Heathrow Airport Map

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