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Gatwick Parking at North and South Terminals

Cheap Gatwick parking deals from only £7.12 per day or £56.95 per week. (Prices explained below)

You’ll find the best deals for cheap Gatwick parking at Parking4less. We have a choice of long stay, short stay and valet parking, at both Gatwick’s North and South terminals.

We pride ourself on keeping our customers happy and we’re pleased to say that we score an average of 7.5/10 from more than 2,000 customer reviews of our Gatwick airport parking service.

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Long Stay

Long stay offers the cheapest parking at Gatwick. You can choose from one of four options:

North Terminal

For Gatwick North Terminal, there are two long stay car parks if you’re flying from the north terminal: long stay north terminal and summer special.

Long stay North Terminal

This is a self-park, where you take your keys with you once you’ve parked up. If you are using our Gatwick North terminal and need to get to the South terminal, a transfer bus runs 24-hours a day and takes just five minutes to get to the South Terminal.

Summer Special Gatwick

Operating all year round (despite its name) the summer special car park offers Gatwick parking at its best. You simply park at the reception check-in and hop on one of the regular shuttle buses to the airport. While you’re gone a member of staff will park your car for you. The shuttle bus runs 24-hour a day, leaves every 10 to 20 minutes and takes a mere five minutes to get to the North Terminal.

South Terminal

There are two long stay car parks at Gatwick Airport South Terminal.

Long Stay South Terminal

You park and take your keys with you in the long stay south terminal self-park car park. The bus to then takes you to the South Terminal in a journey taking only 5 mins.

Long Stay Plus

Just leave your car and keys in the reception area and your car will be parked for you. Then hop on the bus for the four-minute bus ride to the South Terminal. The long stay plus car park is open between April and October for stays of five days or more.

Short Stay 

Whichever terminal you’re flying from, the Gatwick short stay car park is conveniently situated between the two. There’s no transfer bus to catch, you just walk across the link to your terminal. This car park has won the prestigious Park Mark Award.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet is the same as our Valet parking service described below. 

Valet Parking

Why not treat yourself to this premium service and get your trip off to a good start. It takes less time to transfer from your car to the airport terminal than any other service. Gatwick valet parking is ideal for people in a rush or who simply don’t want the hassle of finding a space in a car park and waiting for a bus transfer to the airport terminal.

Official Valet parking at south and north terminal

For the south terminal the official airport valet (meet & greet) reception area is on level 2 of the red short stay car park. It is important to prebook to get the best prices and availability. We’ll send you a booking confirmation, directions and map. You park in the short stay area and hand your keys in to reception. Same procedure as the south terminal except that you the reception area is on level 3 of the short stay car park at the north terminal. In both cases, a driver will then take your car to a secure car park and bring it back on your return. The secure car park has security fencing, cctv cameras, floodlighting and regular patrols by staff.

Airport approved – meet and greet

We offer some other valet parking companies that are airport approved. This means they have met the following requirements…

  • CRB & Police Criminal Record checks are carried on all staff on all staff before and during their employment.
  • Proof that security measures claimed exist and these measures have been inspected by local specialist police officer
  • Accreditation to trading standards “Buy with Confidence” scheme
  • Proof that all parking sites being used have correct planning consent
  • Proof that all drivers and the company are adequately insured
  • All staff wear uniform and carry photographic ID
  • The company is VAT registered

Most of these companies operate in the traditional meet and greet valet style parking, which is to wait for customers at the drop off point outside the terminal. Your car is quickly checked over for dents and scratches, then the driver takes your car to a secure off-airport car park.

Blue Badge Parking at Gatwick

There are two options for Blue Badge or disabled travellers driving and parking at Gatwick Airport.

All of the Gatwick car parking facilities are fully compliant with the Equalities Act.

Blue badge short-stay parking

If you only need to park for a few hours while dropping off or picking up someone then the short stay car park at Gatwick is the best option.

For same-level access to the terminals without the need to use lifts or stairs, we recommend that you use level 2 of car park 3 in the South Terminal and level 3 of car park 5 in the North Terminal.

Gatwick Airport provide Blue Badge bays in the short stay car parks of both the North and South terminals. 

Blue Badge holders can park in the Premium parking area at the standard short term car park tariff (up to four hours).

To benefit from these facilities for Blue Badge holders, you will need to press the ‘assistance’ button at the entrance barrier to the Premium parking area and give your Blue Badge number.

Do not put your ticket into the machine at the barrier or you may be charged the standard Premium rate.

When you return to your car and leave the Premium area, use the ‘assistance’ button to advise the attendant.

Blue badge long stay parking

If you are staying for more than a few hours then you’re better off using the long stay car park where there are also marked Blue Badge bays.

All of these bays offer easy access and minimum distances to bus stops. Buses operate from the car parks to the terminal buildings every 12 minutes.

At the South Terminal, you can head straight inside the terminal to check-in which is on the same level as the bus drop off point.

At the North Terminal, you’ll need to use the lift to reach the check-in area of your airline, or the Special Assistance Reception. 

If you need to take your Blue Badge abroad, you must first show it to the car park attendant before leaving your car – simply press the ‘assistance’ button at the entry barriers.   

If you need assistance throughout your journey we recommend that you pre-book with your airline or travel agent at least 48 hours in advance. But if you haven’t done this the airport staff will do their best to help – just go to a help point with your flight details to hand.

Please note that normal parking charges apply in these car parks at Gatwick Airport.

Blue badge valet parking

If you are using Valet parking and you would like your vehicle to be parked in a blue badge bay upon your return to Gatwick, present your blue badge to the staff who are checking your vehicle in and they will make a record of your request and your vehicle will be parked in a blue badge bay or as close to the Valet office as possible.

Car Parks Near Gatwick

These are some of the companies or car parks that we recommend. There are others which may be fine but maybe haven't achieved the approved status yet…

Drop Off Parking

If you're looking to drop off passengers then read more about the options on our Gatwick Drop Off Charge page

Gatwick Hotels with Parking

Whether you have an early or late flight to catch, it can make sense to stay overnight at a hotel near Gatwick.

We have got together with hotels and car parks to come up with a tailored cheap Gatwick parking package that gives you a great deal, and the convenience of arranging everything in one go.

Have a look a what we offer with our Gatwick Airport hotels.


Some frequently asked questions about parking at London Gatwick Airport

  • How much does it cost to drop off passengers at Gatwick?

    It costs £5 for 10 minutes parking while dropping off passengers at Gatwick North and South Terminals. Alternatively, you get 30 minutes for £5 in short stay and 2 hours free in long stay.

  • Can you park at Gatwick without booking?

    You can park at Gatwick without booking but it will normally cost you more than pre-booking. Sometimes in busy periods the car parks will be full so always best to prebook.

  • How much does it cost to pick up at Gatwick?

    To pick up at Gatwick it costs the same as dropping off e.g. £5 for 10 minutes. More information on our blog.

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