Cheap Airport Hotels with Parking

Airport Hotels with Parking is where we package a hotel stay with a car park stay. This enables us to offer cheap airport hotels with parking deals to our customers because the hotel and car park can offer us a better deal than they would publicly promote individually.

Hotels have rack rates that they publish to the public but at times offer us better rates in order to fill rooms when demand is low. By combining a night in an airport hotel with parking it is possible to get some really good deals, sometimes even better than paying for only parking.

We can help you find the perfect hotel, whether you want one that is close to the airport or is actually on-site, and whether you prefer luxury or budget. Sometimes we get offers from airport hotels with free parking when they have spare spaces on site.

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but it can be difficult to unwind if you have the prospect of an early flight hanging over your head at either end of your break. A night in an airport hotel can take the sting out of getting away for holiday travellers, especially those with families. Whether you’re just about to fly or returning from your break, a night in an airport hotel can extend that holiday feeling by just a little bit longer.

Business travel can be exhausting. When you need to be at your best at a meeting, you don’t want to be too tired to function. Booking airport hotels with a parking package will ensure that you are as rested and energised as possible. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading, it almost always pays to have the maximum amount of rest time possible. The more rested you are, the more focussed you’ll be at your destination. If you’re returning from a trip, a night at a hotel can mean the difference between operating at full power the next day and struggling until you can finally crawl into bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Do you park at the airport when booking hotel and parking?”

    When you book a hotel and parking it depends on the location and package on offer as to where your car is parked. With off-airport hotels it is common practise to park cars at the hotel as there is plenty of space to accommodate cars in their car parks. With on-airport hotels space is limited so they usually create a package with one of the on-airport or off-airport car parks. In this case you would have to park your car at the car park first and then get on a courtesy bus to the airport terminal where you can then access the airport hotel.

  • “Is it cheaper to book airport parking and hotel separately?”

    Usually, it is cheaper to book airport parking with a hotel together as a package. This is because the hotel can discount their room rate by including the parking into a package price. With a package, you can’t tell that the room rate is cheaper than their advertised rates.