Too tight to pay for airport parking!

Residents of roads close to Luton Airport have shown their frustration with holidaymakers parking their cars by daubing them with graffiti.

Airport travellers are allegedly parking in streets close to Luton Airport to avoid airport parking charges.

“Too tight to pay for airport parking”, “Respect for residents” and “Selfish git” were some of the comments made on cars that had been parked for days and in some cases weeks.

Graffiti on car window


Car being towed away


One of the cars was reportedly a Range Rover. Whoever was responsible for the graffiti and damage to this vehicle must have thought that the owner could probably afford to pay for airport parking.

'No Parking' graffiti on road


For more information and images visit BBC and Telegraph news sites.

Weekly prices for off-airport parking at Luton Airport in August starts from £62.99 going up to £74.99 for on-airport and £79.00 for meet and greet. Although official meet and greet prices are considerably more at £133.99 which includes undercover parking within minutes of the terminal.

The good news is that prices for two weeks are not proportionately higher for Off-airport parking which is £20 more at £82.99. However, the official on airport car park is £40 more at £114.99.

There are also good prices for hotels at Luton Airport with parking that can cost a similar price to the official parking but you get to stay a night before or after your holiday.