Parking rows make for bad neighbours

The biggest cause off problems between neighbours is from blocking access to a neighbour’s driveway or from parking outside their house.

According to a recent survey of AA members disputes over parking accounted for a third of arguments between neighbours. The worst problems occur in the north east and south east of England.

Other common areas of dispute are noise, boundaries, hedges and building work. An earlier AA survey showed that 91 per cent of house hunters were looking for off street parking.

The head of AA Home Emergency response, Tom Stringer , said: “When Acacia ¬†Avenue turns into a residential battleground, it is noise or cars most likely to start hostilities between neighbours”.

He continued: “Parking traumas are less down to the popularity of cars than the need for both partners to drive to work and be independently mobile. Young workers group together in more affordable accommodation and often have their own cars. As a result, necessity grows a neighbourhood’s car population, squeezes available space , ratchets up friction and like rats in a barrel, neighbours can lash out at each other.