Diplomats owe millions in parking fines

Guess which country’s diplomats owe the most in parking fines in London according to Transport for London?

It was the Sudanese diplomats who have £129,000 outstanding in fines since 2006. A close second came Kazakhstan at £127,00 and in third place was Afghanistan with £93,000.

Even worse than this were the fines outstanding since the introduction of the congestion charge in 2003 with the United States owing over £6 million.

This is despite Transport for London and Westminster Council pursuing the fines but due to diplomats enjoying immunity from parking fines and congestion charges they are wasting tax payers money trying to enforce the rules.

It would be interesting to know how much British diplomats get away with while parking illegally in foreign capitals!

However, not all diplomats abuse the system. Seychelles diplomats have no outstanding fines and Malawi owes only £80 since 2006.

A Westminster City Councillor, Daniel Astaire,  cabinet member for business said ““We have found that fines for diplomatic vehicles are often not a result of a refusal to pay, just a lack of understanding of the rules”. Surely, that isn’t the case with the diplomats from the USA. Why would you pay a fine if you didn’t have to?

For the rest of us we need to stay vigilant about where we park and not to over stay our ticket.

Author – Mark Holmes Google+