Cars stolen from Manchester meet & greet company

Four cars and more than 130 keys have been stolen from a Manchester meet and greet company in Hale called Car Park Manchester as reported by the BBC and the Manchester Evening News (MEN). Car Park Manchester are not affiliated to Manchester Airport or

Car Park Manchester reported the burglary on 18 August. Police have said that the full extent of car theft is unknown as some owners are still on holiday and haven’t reported a crime to them.

The news was broken by Charlotte Cox of the Manchester Evening News and tweeted on 22 August.

Sultan Khan, a director of the firm also known as Manchester Car Park has apologised to customers. He and his staff chose not to inform customers until they landed back home so as not to spoil their holidays. On Monday afternoon their were up to 50 customers who didn’t know about the theft.

According to the MEN, Director Mr Khan said: “Seven weeks ago an organised crime gang came into this area and started nicking car keys. On August 17 they used a special tool and got through three doors to steal more than 100 keys”.

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: “We would like to remind passengers that the airport offers a wide range of secure, official car parking facilities, and is also well connected via public transport. Anyone with any doubts about their car parking can verify it with our customer services team.” offer prebooked discounts on official Manchester Airport car parks and other vetted meet & greet operators.