What could BREXIT mean for UK travellers

If the UK votes for BREXIT next week it could result in more costly holidays and less financial protection for travellers. Here are some of the reasons why we think BREXIT is a bad choice for UK travellers…

Higher fares if we BREXIT

The rise and expansion of low cost airlines has been helped by the European Union (EU) open competition rules on routes between EU countries. If the UK votes for BREXIT our low cost airlines might have to negotiate new agreements that could see fares rise.

Fewer health benefits and higher costs

Brits travelling to Europe have the benefit of reciprocal health arrangements entitling us to free or reduced cost health treatment. This is known as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is available to all citizens of the UK. Not the same as travel insurance but nonetheless a huge benefit when travelling in the EU. As with air fares, if we vote to leave then our reciprocal health agreements will have to be renegotiated. This could make health treatment abroad not just more costly but more complicated.

Less travel money for your pound

The pound is at a 13 month low largely due to fears of a BREXIT. Many economists think this will only get worse if we decide to leave, which means our pounds will buy less Euros.

Duty free allowances reduced

We no longer get the benefit of duty free goods when travelling in the EU but the duty paid allowances have increased considerably. This means you can bring back vast quantities of wine and cigarettes from France, Spain and Holland on a ferry. Plane travellers are limited by baggage allowances which could negate the financial savings of lower alcohol taxes. For example, in France the tax on a 750ml bottle of wine is about £0.23 compared with over £2 in Britain.

Higher mobile phone charges

Thanks to the EU our mobile phone costs in Europe have dropped considerably and all roaming charges will be abolished in June 2017. If we BREXIT, phone companies’ shareholders will be expecting them to raise prices to bolster profits and dividends.