Are Land Rover owners really the best at parking?

A meet and greet parking website  streefreeairportparking dot com has looked at more than 8,000 cars parked in city centres and retail parks to compare their parking parking ability.

The study suggests that Land Rover owners are the best at parking while owners of small black Audis are the worst. The motorists who park badly in second place are Mercedes drivers with Mazda owners coming third.

A summary of the research shows

  • 24 per cent of Audi cars were parked badly compared with only 3 per cent of Land Rovers.
  • Owners of small family saloons were worst at parking in the scale of vehicle sizes
  • According to colour the worst parked cars were black, then silver and blue.

Do these findings match your experiences? Let us know if you agree or disagree with this research.

Author – Mark Holmes Google+