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Sofitel Short Stay - Heathrow

Leave your car in luxury at this 5-star hotel, you can even keep your keys.
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What to expect

When you arrive at Sofitel Short Stay

Stop at the barrier and take a ticket. When the barrier opens just drive downstairs to levels -1 or -2 and park in any space. If you can't find one, just go back to the entrance and hand your keys to the attendant. They'll park your car for you and keep your keys safe. Normally, there will be plenty of space and you can keep your keys with you.

When you're done, just take the lift up to the hotel lobby and walk through the covered walkway to T5. If you're flying from another terminal, head downstairs to the Heathrow Express station. It's part of the London Underground and will take you to any of the other terminals. It's free to use, so long as you're only travelling between terminals and takes just a few minutes.

On your return to Heathrow

When you get back from holiday, walk to the Sofitel hotel walkway located next to UK arrivals on the ground floor of T5. You'll need to validate your ticket with guest relations within the hotel before you can leave. If you had to leave your keys, you can pick them up from the attendant and they'll show you where your car is parked.

Important Information

Government regulations require passengers at the airport to wear a face mask. Remember to bring a face mask and have it on before you get there. You'll need one for each member of your party.

Early or late? The car park offers a grace period of an hour, at their discretion. Any longer than this and you'll be charged the car park's standard rate of £49 per day, which is subject to change.

This package is for parking at the Sofitel hotel car park, not the airport's Short Stay car park.

Most standard cars (without trailers/not commercial vehicles) will be accepted at the car park as long as they fit under the 2.2m entry barrier and fit in a standard-size parking bay (2.4m x 4.8m).

Don't forget to print your booking confirmation and take it with you as the car park will need to see this when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about any accessibility requirements?
    There are 12 disabled bays available which work on a first come first served basis.
  • Is there a maximum car size?
    There is a height restriction of 2.2m.
  • What security measures are in place?
    The car park has entry and exit barriers, and CCTV is in use.



Terminal 5,
Heathrow Airport,

Contact Number

07585 302 541

Latitude 51.474524Longitude -0.491611


- Leave the M25 at junction 14 and follow the signs to Terminal 5.
- Approach the terminal roundabout taking the second exit.
- Get into the left-hand lane marked for the Sofitel hotel.
- The road will lead you to the hotel's underground car park, where the entrance is on the right.