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Open a car window or aircon to stay insured

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It may seem obvious to open a car window or turn on the Aircon in hot weather, but experts are warning drivers that car insurance policies could be invalidated if they don’t.

Road users need to be driving with “due care and attention”.

If you’re drowsy or tired due to warm weather conditions, that could put you at a higher risk of having an accident and possibly an insurer cancelling an insurance policy.

Although there are no strict rules on using air conditioning or opening your windows, the Highway Code does say cars must be kept well ventilated. 

Driving in hot weather can also cause dehydration and heat exhaustion. The body needs energy to stay cool, which can quickly lead to low energy levels. 

How to keep cool while driving in warm weather?

The simplest solution is drink plenty of water and open a car window or turn the air-conditioning on.

If you need to park the car then find some shade. A nearby tree or building can act as a great sunshield.

Speaking of sun shields. Invest in a reflect screen that can be left on the dashboard to keep the sun’s rays off and your car cooler.

Other tricks include installing a mini fan on your dashboard that’s powered by the cigarette lighter socket.

Wet cloths placed on the air vents can help but be careful with electrics and your grip on the steering wheel. 

Think about travelling at cooler times of the day. Early morning or late afternoon / evening are the cooler parts of the day.

Always avoid midday driving when the sun is at its hottest.

What fines could be charged?

On the spot fines for motorists who become distracted start at £200 and rise as high as £2,500 for driving without due care and attention.

If the heat causes you to drive dangerously by putting others at risk could lead to a £5,000 fine and up to nine penalty points on your driving licence. 

A temporary driving ban could also be issued in some extreme circumstances.