Stansted Airport Cancels Flights

Bus entering Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport cancelled all flights yesterday after a bus caught fire outside the terminal.

The fire was caused by an engine electrical fault on the bus, according to an airport spokesman. No injuries had been reported and the fire that started around 4:20pm was extinguished by 5pm.

A passenger arriving at Stansted posted this tweet.

Here’s a better photo of the bus actually on fire…



Stansted Airport reopened on Saturday after cancelling all flights on Friday. The Essex airport advised passengers to contact their airlines to check flights.

When the fire had taken hold the airport was evacuated and passengers were told to rebook flights. Several travellers expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the evacuation was handled. People were left stranded at departure gates with no communication only to be told later to evacuate via security without being checked.

A spokesperson for the airport, explained that some exits close to the fire had been cordoned off to protect customers and that they were doing all they could help matters.

There were also reports of passengers panicking and pushing their way through exit doors. The airport offered to mail luggage to passengers’ home addresses if they needed to leave.

In this video from Loredora, passengers looking worried while Stansted employee walks past casually seemingly ignoring the fire raging outside!…

Bus fire outside the entrance of stansted #busfire #stanstedairport

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