Stansted airport meet and greet chaos

Meet and Greet airport car parking has always sold for a premium as the most convenient and hassle free option for parking your car at the airport.

However, this was not the case for customers of Stansted Airport’s official meet and greet service run by Empark. Over the weekend, 5th August, the company lost customer’s keys and were unable to locate cars for a number of hours.

A spokesman for Stansted Airport apologised for the service which had fallen well below acceptable standards. Customers were sent home in taxis while the Meet and Greet company tried to rectify the situation.

The spokesman said “We are deeply sorry and apologise unreservedly for the inconvenience and disruption caused to all customers who have regrettably been impacted. All those customers who experienced delays will automatically be contacted and receive a full refund plus a compensation payment for the inconvenience caused.”

Angry customers took to social media posting images of queues and crammed office of people waiting to collect their cars.

Essex police were called to the scene to prevent a breach of order occurring.

Stansted Airport Tweet apologising for meet and greet shambles

stansted airport apology for meet and greet shambles