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When travelling, departure lounges, train platforms and bus stops are our first port of call. When travelling by air, airports are often your home for a good few hours before you board your plane, and it’s best to know everything you can about them before you arrive, so you’re not caught unawares of anything crucial.

The most important part of an airport trip, short of ensuring that you have your passport and tickets with you, is reaching the airport itself and ensuring that your car, should you have taken one, is safely parked, whether you’re dropping someone off or travelling yourself. Leaving a good few hours ahead leaves you with some time to kill when you arrive, but is often the safer option.

Pre-book your parking

Booking your parking ahead is best practice, also. Not only are you guaranteed a space, but you can also save money and lower your stress levels for when the big day arrives. Last-minute parking can be an unpleasant experience, and you’ll frequently pay a premium for not booking ahead, so Parking4Less offers its services to you in order to get you the best deal long before you so much as put your suitcase in the boot.

The UK’s airports are numerous and all impressive examples of a well-organised, tidy, modern transport hub for Europe. London has several that are easily accessible, such as Stansted, Luton, Gatwick and Heathrow, airports like Manchester and Birmingham serve the Midlands and North of England. All of them are equipped with a notable amount of facilities, luxuries and parking.

Book an airport hotel

If you have an early morning flight, booking a hotel the night before is a great way to ensure you’re fully rested before you fly. If you’re getting to the airport by public transport, which often stops operating in the middle of the night, a hotel is often the only way to make sure you make your flight. Parking4Less offer a wide range of hotel accommodation at all major British airports. You can even book a hotel that includes parking. Most airport hotels will have a shuttle service to run you to your terminal.

For more specific information on a variety of airports in the UK and for tailored parking advice, featuring prices and additional information, please head to the individual pages on the site.