Stansted Airport Parking

The shuttle bus

How do you get from the car park to the airport? Don’t worry, you don’t need to walk. There is a shuttle bus service from the Mid Stay car parks supplied, which will take you to and from the car park. The service runs every few minutes, so you need not be concerned about missing your flight.  You will be dropped off at the entrance of the airport. When you return after your trip, walk out to the terminal entrance again, and catch the shuttle bus when it arrives at the shuttle stop.

Seating and luggage

Each shuttle bus is fully equipped to make your journey seamless. There are plenty of seats. If the bus is full by the time you get on it, there are bars to hold onto. Please be mindful of the elderly and those with young children, and give up your seats if you can. Your luggage can be safely stowed in the supplied baggage areas along the length of the inside of the bus.

Important details to know about each car park:

Short stay

If you are staying at the airport for a few hours only, you should use the Stansted Short Stay Parking.

  • The car park is stationed a short walk away from the terminal entrance.
  • As a recipient of the Park Mark safer parking award, issued by the British Parking Association, customers can rest assured of their vehicle’s safety. Be sure to hide your belongings just in case though.
  • The longest duration you can stay in this car park is 24-hours, which costs £36.00. The shortest is 25 minutes at £2.80.
  • If you want to use the parking spaces in front of the terminal entrance, purchase Fast Track Parking. 3 hours is £30, 3 – 12 hours costs £50, and 12-24 hours will be £60.

Mid stay

The Stansted Mid Stay Parking is an alternative to the Long Stay and Short Stay options. You get a faster transport service to the airport, because the car park is closer to the terminal than the Long Stay. The Mid Stay car park allows customers of all durations to keep their cars there.

  • You can pre-book your stay in the car park on the Stansted website.
  • The drive-up price is £16.50 per day.
  • You can access the car park from the M11 motorway. From London, exit the M11 at Junction 8a. If you’re driving from Cambridge, exit at Junction 8.

Long stay

If you’re going for an extended trip or holiday, then the Stansted Long Stay Parking is best suited to you. The car park is the furthest from the terminal though, so make allowances for coach times, when making your way to the airport.

  • The transfer service runs every fifteen minutes. Your journey will take between 10 to 15 minutes to arrive at the terminal.
  • There are 30 oversize vehicle bays (camper vans and trailers etc). You will also find the motorcycle bays in Zone Q.
  • The drive-up price for parking is £15.00.
  • Similar to Mid Stay, exit the M11 at Junctions 8a (London), or Junction 8 (Cambridge), and follow the signs to the Long Stay car park.

Valet parking

Stansted Valet Parking is an option for those who want convenience at a competitive price. Taking this option allows you to drop your car off on the terminal forecourt, so you can walk in without a fuss. Then your car will be delivered to you when you return.

  • Your car is parked in a secure and official on-site car park.
  • Upon returning, head towards the Short Stay car park, and pick your keys up from the Customer Service office.
  • To pre-book Valet Parking, enter your travel dates on this page, in order to get a quote.

Remember where you’ve parked

Make a note of the car park your vehicle has been left in. You’ll need to know the car park (mid/ long), the Zone you’re parked in (A/B/C/D etc), and your bus stop number. It’s easy to forget while you’re away, so don’t rely on your memory.

All pre-booking can be completed at the Stansted parking site.

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 42 reviews
by Fran Church on Parking4less

I've used Jet Parks long stay parking many times and always had a pleasant, smooth experience, last week was no exception, it was very low stress and reliable, no problems there whatsoever as per usual.
However, when I stopped off at Customer Services near the entrance to pay a quick, much needed, visit to the ladies after my long drive I was dismayed to find it was out of order so I was forced to go into the disabled loo instead.
This was in a very grim state, needs must though so I used the facilities, scrubbed my hands well and headed off to park up and start my holiday.
One week later upon my return, once more I needed to pay a visit prior to starring my drive home and was disgusted to discover that not only was the ladies still out of commission but the disabled toilet was blocked and overflowing with sewage. There was no water supply to the sink and it was a huge health hazard.
In this day and age to have one set of facilities out of action for a whole week is dreadful but to have two is totally unacceptable and should be serviced and put back into use asap.
Sort it out Jet Parks!!

by clive Corbould on Parking4less
not impressed

I parked in the short stay car park and I must say it was further away from the terminal than I imagined but that might be due to the fact it was chucking it down.
When I came to leave I put my ticket into the machine which said the ticket was invalid and £135 was outstanding. I phoned for assistance which took an age to answer and was told to put my ticket back in the machine and it would be okay, I got the same error message and the delay in speaking to someone to help me out was because someone at the next ticket barrier couldn't get out either. Not sure why when you prepay you should get these type of issues.

We are sorry about the problems with the exit machines. Having reported this to Stansted airport they tell us they had computer problems on the day which should not be repeated.

by Paul Matthews on Parking4less
Service not really Meet & Greet

Stansted Airport
With Meet & Greet I'm used to meeting somebody just around the departures entrance who takes your car away for parking; all very personable. The service I encountered for this trip was to be guided to park my car in one of the numerous long car parking bays, and to have to then have to advise the person in the Meet & Greet office of the bay number when I handed my keys over. This was more akin to off-site parking, but (obviously) close to the airport.
As noted there was no real interaction, just a large (albeit efficient) process. On our return the car was ready for collection - again in a long numbered parking lane - ready to be driven off with the keys collected from 'the office'. It appears that this part of the process is being automated currently - with machines being installed for key retrieval - so there's going to be even less interaction going forward (!!).

by Ruedi on Parking4less
Long wait on return

Cheapest parking we could find and on the flight out everything was fine but upon return we waited 40 minutes for the bus and it took more well more than 20mins to get to our car. Luckily we hadn't planned anything else but to get home...

by Tracey on Parking4less

Jetparks was the cheapest option on offer for a 2 day park although as expensive as my 7 day parking stay booking with meet and greet!
The parking is a fair distance from the airport itself and the zone to be used was full so had to zip into another one.The bus came very promptly but took a good 15 mins to get to terminal.Upon my return the bus does go around the long stay before going back to jetparks,not a great experience after a long journey!

by CJ on Parking4less
Easy fair priced parking

Easy to navigate to, from and around car park
Buses to airport run efficiently and frequently
Tad annoying you have to buzz on arrival to check in
for your booking though but this didn't delay me much
Would definitely park here again

by Rowan Dawkins on Parking4less
Always good

Have used PfL many times - sometimes mid stay but more recently short stay (green). Always found it very efficient - but can be hard finding a place near the terminal if a weekend ( but that's not their fault ! ). Only ever used them for max 6 nights.

by Justin on Parking4less
Long term deal

Excellent. All happened exactly as it said on the tin! Will book again the next time I fly. Well done.

by Delvina Milliner on Parking4less
A little complicated

Of course I was happy to drive my car to the airport and have it wait for me when I got back, but I find the allocations and bays a bit complicated to find. I was told over the phone when booking that there are so many disabled bays, but I could not find one, and had to keep calling to find out where to go only to find I was stuck way back from all the lots Q I believe. It is not clearly marked and it's a nightmare trying to find your way in!

by Fred Bennett on Parking4less

The Long Stay parking at Stanstead was perfectly adequate and reasonable value, however I was held up at the barrier on arriving and leaving as the system did not recognise my registration. Annoying!

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