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So, you’ve booked your airport parking and added a stay at an airport hotel to your package, but you still need to find both the parking and hotel. Our useful airport maps will help you find the hotel and parking in relation to the airport terminal with the minimum of fuss.

Most of us have GPS nowadays, but these can often be clumsy when it comes to the fine detail of your destination. Checking the map first will give you a good idea of where you’re heading. One-way systems, cul-de-sacs, and roads with restricted rights of way can make airports tricky places to navigate. This means it is usually a good idea to use every bit of assistance available to find your way to your destination.

The major UK airports have many many hotels and parking lots, and it can be difficult working out which hotel you should be staying at if you’re going to be parking in a certain long stay car park. In addition to the maps, we also give useful written directions to get you to the airport and handy driver’s information so you don’t end up being picked up at the dropping off point and vice versa.

We have 27 maps, including those for all the major UK airports. For larger airports we provide separate parking and hotel maps to make things clearer. After all, Heathrow and Gatwick each have 23 hotels and seven parking lots. To make things easier, we have highlighted hotels which offer airport parking as a part of their room package

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