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Heathrow Parking

With all five terminals now open there are many parking options available to travellers. Choosing the right car park depends on the length of time you will be away for.

Long Stay Parking

The long stay car parks are most suitable for travellers who are away for more than a few days. There are three long stay car parks at Heathrow. The long stay car park for Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are situated on the Eastern Perimeter Road. There is a free coach shuttle connecting Terminals 1, 2 and 3, with the transfer journey taking between approximately 7-15 minutes.

Terminal 4 long stay car park is on the Southern Perimeter Road and the Terminal 5 long stay parking is situated on the Northern perimeter road. There is a free coach shuttle connecting Terminals 4 and 5, with the transfer journey taking between approximately 10 minutes. Please note that Terminal 4’s forecourt has a 2.6 metre height restriction.

Business Parking

The business car parking facilities have been tailored to meet the busy business traveller’s needs. The car park is ideally situated for travellers wishing to park just for a few days. The car parks are purposely closer to the terminal buildings, so have a shorter transfer time to the terminal buildings and usually take just three minutes.

The business car park at terminal 5 has a “state of the art” driverless pod to transport travellers from the car park to the airport. There are over 20 pods in use that take up to four passengers at a time. The Pod travels at 40 kilometres per hour and has a journey time of 6 minutes. They operate 24 hours a day and it’s best to just hop in one and go rather than wait for the pod to fill up with other passengers. There are simple push buttons to start the pod on its journey.

Business travellers can have peace of mind when whilst parking their vehicle at the Business car park with attendants frequently patrolling the secure car park 24 hours a day. The business car park is also a suitable option for travellers who just need to park their car for a couple of days.

Short Stay Parking

There are also short stay car parks near the terminals for visitors who might just need to stay at the airport for a few hours in order to drop off, or collect passengers, or attend conferences, or meetings at Heathrow.

The short stay car park is a better alternative as help points are available near the designated parking spaces and assistance is free for people with special needs and mobility issues. There is a green telephone point which enables passengers to request assistance with wheelchairs and luggage. It is advisable to let the car park operator know in advance of any disabled parking assistance needs and to build in extra travelling time to ensure a calm and smooth start to a visit or holiday.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is gaining popularity as it’s a great way to start off a journey. By using the Valet parking service passengers can just drive to a designated valet drop off point, meet the valet representative who will take your car to the car park which is well lit with cctv cameras and regular security patrols.  This leaves passengers free to go straight to check in and start their journey. On their return,  a passengers’ car is ready for collection from the valet car park area. For a little bit extra the valet team will also clean and polish your car whilst staying in the car park.

Passengers with mobility issues are able to park using the blue/orange badge parking schemes in the short stay, business and long stay car parks.  However, it is important to note that the blue/orange parking badges are not allowed for parking on any of the road systems in and around the airport for security reasons. If a car is parked on these roads it will be towed away and the driver will be fined.

Other Transport Options

Heathrow airport also operates a special assistance bus between the terminal for passengers whose mobility is compromised. The flight connection buses operate to the departure terminals but not to the arrivals unless you ask a member of staff for assistance from the arrivals area. They will then be able to arrange for a bus to come to the terminal forecourt.  Assistance is free of charge. Children under the age of 12 must wear a seat belt on the bus and toddlers and babies will need a car seat.

Drivers with high sided vehicles would be wise to check the height restrictions or the terminal car parks as they vary from car park to car park, from 6ft 6 to 7ft 2. For vehicles above the high restrictions it’s advised to park in one of the long stay or business car parks but remember to double check fully before booking up a car parking space to avoid disappointment and a bad start to a journey.

Passengers who choose to cycle to Heathrow will be pleased to know that cycle parking is free in the designated cycle parking areas. Bicycles not parked in those areas will be removed for security reasons. It’s also handy to know that it is possible to leave a bike in the left luggage office for a maximum of 90 days.

An alternative to parking at Heathrow is to book into one of our specially selected Heathrow hotels with parking that offer some great deals, not much more costly than car parking. These are especially useful when travelling on an early or late flight. Most hotels have gyms, restaurants and internet connections, which make life easier for travellers.



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Good Job!!

Jan 16, 2014 by Nicholas Russell

Hello, thanks for looking after our car whilst away. Pretty good job. Had to wait a little too long for a bus on the return leg. About 20 mins and it was very cold and windy accepting it was 05.40hrs when we arrived for pick up. On the outward journey we were almost given the wrong bags by the driver when we arrived at the airport. I noticed and corrected the error but maybe the driver needs a system of identifying who owns which bag?? As long as people stay alert there shouldn't be a problem. Would use your services again though. Thanks.

Response: Thanks for your feedback Nicholas. We don\'t want anyone going away with the wrong bags so I\'ll let the car park at Heathrow now about this. Often bus drivers don\'t help with the bags as they need to keep moving onto the next pick up but in cases like this it would help to check the customers they have the correct bags. 0800 902 0381 , 3.0 3.0 1 1 Hello, thanks for looking after our car whilst away. Pretty good job. Had to wait a little too long for a bus on the return leg. About 20 mins and it was very cold and windy accept